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It happened in a small and cozy port town called Bay.

Luke was sitting on the dock, throwing his fishing rod into the water, and thinking about how great it is to spend the morning of the weekend, meeting the dawn on the seashore. There was no bite, but the guy knew that there would be at least one fish in this bay that would be interested in a lively worm, neatly planted by Luke on a fishing rod hook.

We didn't have to wait long, a few minutes later the float dived twice under the water. Luke instantly caught the signal and began to twist the reel of the fishing rod. There was something heavy under the water. Fearing that the fish would slip away, Luke made a dash, the line taut, and fished out of the water what caught the hook.

What was Luke's frustration when, instead of a shiny fish, he found a dirty net on the grass, clogged with mud and sea plants. Inside the mesh, Luke saw a bottle. With difficulty, he removed the find from the grid, washed off the adhering dirt in the water, and began to inspect the mysterious vessel from all sides. It looked like the bottle was old, but that was not reflected in the thick wooden cork and the label, which was written in a language that Luke did not understand.

Inside the bottle was a bright green liquid. Luke decided he would study the find at home. He reeled fully his line, grabbed all his gear and went back home.

Luke slowly walked around the city, now and then greeting passers-by and wishing them a good day. There was a glorious tradition in the city to wish a good day even to strangers. For small city like Bay, this was the norm.

Finally, Luke reached a small house on the edge of the street, where he lived with his pet, the cat Tutankhamun, or simply Tooti. The cat met the owner, hoping that he would get something from the fresh catch.

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