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But it seems that the owner was in no hurry, and then Tuti decided to take everything into his own paws. He jumped onto the table and stuck his muzzle into the bucket, perched on top of it with his paws. The bucket could not bear the weight of the well-fed cat, and crashed to the floor along with all the contents.

Luke began to count the cat, but suddenly saw that the liquid from the broken bottle as a result of the fall spread over the floor and gave off acrid fumes. Luke hurried for the mop to quickly clean up the spreading substance, but slipped on it, and sprawled on the floor. Clinging to the table, Luke slowly got up, climbed out of the bright green puddle, and continued his way for the mop.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on the mirror, in which, instead of his own reflection, he saw a strange gray creature. Coming closer, Luke was speechless - his half-decayed copy with large, bulging, cloudy eyes looked out of the mirror.

The disheveled hair on his head turned gray, his teeth turned yellow, and it seemed that they were about to fall out of his mouth.

Suddenly, in the mirror behind him, Luke saw a cat. It seems that Tuti also fell into the ill-fated liquid - his transformation was no less terrible: his hair climbed into tufts, his eyes turned into two cloudy balls. The cat ran around the house, not understanding what was happening, and finally darted into the hatch under the door. Luke decided to catch the cat before it caught the eye of the neighbors.

Slowly moving his stiff limbs, Luke stepped out into the street.

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