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The bright rays of the midday sun hurt Luke's eyes. Never before had he suffered so much from sunlight. Rummaging through the bag hanging over his shoulder, Luke took out his sunglasses and hid his teary eyes behind them. The skin itched terribly, but Luke decided to endure.

His target was Tutti, the same zombie cat that was now climbing up the drainpipe to the roof. It is not known what the pet could have done after the transformation, but now, apparently driven by a thirst for blood, Tutti confidently approached the string of birds sitting on the roof.

Luke scrambled up, several times was a step away from falling, but held his own. Tutti slowly approached the birds, looking forward to a quick dinner, but at that moment Luke appeared behind him, began waving his arms and screaming terribly. Frightened birds flew away with loud chirping.

An enraged Tutti turned to the one who had just deprived him of lunch, and resolutely walked towards Luke. With a deft jump, the cat jumped on the head of its owner, and grabbed his face. Luke threw up his arms, lost his balance and fell down.

The whole picture was watched by the residents of Bay from neighboring courtyards. Seeing that Luke fell from the roof, they rushed to his aid. Tutti at this point, disappeared from the eyes of the neighbors, darting into a small shed in the yard. From there, he watched with his bleary eyes as the neighbors approached his owner and peered intently into his face.

- No way, the neighbor is sick! - One of them remarked, - Look, his complexion is unhealthy.

- Maybe he drank too much liquor? – suggested another neighbor, - “I heard he makes his eyes cloudy like that.

Luke lay on his back, not daring to move. From falling off the roof, everything was taken away from him.

“Let's get him into the house!” – Suggested one of the compassionate neighbors.

“Not in the house! - Luke thought, - There is this strange liquid from a bottle!”
He tried to say all this with a human voice, but instead, only an angry growl came out of him.
- The guy is really bad! - The neighbors exclaimed, – What are we waiting for?! Bring him home, quickly!
Luke was gently lifted up and carried home.


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