Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Zombies created using a generator?
- All our zombies are drawn exclusively by hand on a graphics tablet. Generators are not used in the creation of the characters.

What is unique about your project?
Our work is what we love. All of our zombies are original. They will be linked together in a book we are writing and in a cartoon we are working on. The development of these will begin after the necessary budget has been met.


What will I get by buying your NFT?
You become the owner of a unique zombie character. You can also contribute to the development of the project. Further, with your help, a comic book about our zombies will be published and animated films based on the comic book will be made. You will also receive a unique copy of the book signed by the authors of the project.

How many zombies will be in the collection?
We will continue to draw new characters as long as there is inspiration. Right now we already have over 200 completed zombie characters. We are working on inventing new and interesting characters with unique properties on a daily basis.

Can I learn more about the history of the Zombiebay project?

We are a group of artists and designers who are interested in the post-apocalyptic world. Zombiebay project is our attempt to realize and visualize our dreams and fantasies.


What will collectors who buy tokens get?

After reaching certain milestones indicated in the roadmap, the holders of the collection will be rewarded with special tokens and discounts, souvenirs, books, and mentions in the credits etc. There will be many gifts. Also, the price of tokens will grow all the time, so you can make good money selling them on.


When will the animation video be filmed?

Animation work will begin as soon as the zombie story is written and drawn in full. At the moment we have created more than 14 stories. It is necessary to collect the required budget before the start of filming.


Who is working on the creation of the collection?

A group of 6 people are working on the creation of the collection. These include writers, designers, comic book artists and illustrators who are all hard at work.


How do you come up with new characters?

We invent them by heart. We start by thinking what kind of zombie we would like to draw today. This is how new characters are born.