All of Zombiebay characters are handmade.  We pride ourselves on detail and even discussed the nose of one character for three days.


We are a group of artists and designers who are interested in the post-apocalyptic world. Zombiebay project is our attempt to realize and visualize our dreams and fantasies.


They better introduce themselves.

Hi, I am Nuriya. I love to create. I think that the time is the most valuable resource. My life motto “Fight to the end! Pain is temporary, but triumph is eternal” As Mark Twain once said: avoid those who try to undermine your self-confidence. This trait is characteristic of small people. A great person, on the contrary, makes you feel that you can become great. These are the people I surround myself with. This is how our close-knit team was formed.
Hey, Elshan here. Painter and designer. I love everything extraordinary and always stand for everything new. I believe that every new day is another chance to change your life. I'm always happy to take on the craziest ideas. Never say “no” to new ideas and creativity. I really believe in design and I am sure that design will eventually save the world.
Depeche Mode fan. Never rest on my laurels and my current goals are predecessors for the next ones. Always in search of perfection. And I am sure I will find it. Sociability and love for people helps me a lot. I believe that there will be peace in whole world one day. That’s me -  Elyar.
Hi there, I am Gulnar and I am very positive. Always looking for something new and always open to new ideas. I can find a compromise with the evilest zombie villains. Love to support people and enjoy all flowers on the planet.
Hello world! I am Hanna - an ordinary artist with extraordinary dreams. Madly in love with dogs, bats and dragons. I am fond of horror history and can watch good horror movies for hours. I have a terrible allergy to pink. I believe that talent is not only a given, but also hard daily work, and the best cure for all ills is our imagination.
Hi, I’m Graham – writer.  I love creating stories with twists in them and using irony.  Stories must be inspiring and this means showing what is new and what is unusual.  In my world every kind of subject can be used to make a good and compelling story.  It is all about how the writer shows the story to the reader.
I am dreaming of that everyone on the planet will be happy: people, zombies, animals, and even plants. I believe that everyone has something good, kind and positive. And you can be good-natured even with green skin!
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I love to create, I love to draw and I love everything beautiful. Drawing for me is a way to change the world for the better. Every time I sit down to work, the world around me turns into the world of my characters.